Tuesday, December 31, 2013


I love the fireworks on New Years but in LA its illegal, which means its totally silent outside so It could have been jus any normal day! Thanks to that, I havent felt one single nye feeling and therefore Im not really in a party mode.
When I was living in Sweden there was fireworks every second both before and after nye, and it felt like the whole planet was exploding, miss that feeling, it brought out so many memories and excitement! 
SO,! Ive decided since Im not in THAILAND & FULLMOON PARTY :'( đź’”  then nothing matters. So we've decided to not do anything special, just hang out with some friends and chill

I might make a gif w pics from 2013 like everyone else but right now im just gna post these fucking FishFuckPics I took at "Killer Shrimp" the restaurant we went to earlier today

This one seriously freaks me out............

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