Sunday, November 3, 2013


After I got robbed (and physically and mentally abused daily because of his insecurity and insanity) on the 4,000$ by Babak Rachpoot which was the money I spent on the awesome apartment at Palazzo, I was homeless for about 3 weeks. Thank god I had Timothy by my side. First we stayed at his parents house in Malibu:

 and it was all good. Until we couldnt stay there anymore because of my cat, so we slept in the car, at the beach:

 and at friends places but mostly we actually slept on Park la breas rooftop. Its a 12 floor building and I actually loved it, well the first night at least

Imagine falling asleep to the stars and the view over the whole town and wake up with sunshine and start tanning naked, since nobody is around lol. I dont like tanlines...

It was though but we made it trough it, I think its a good life experience that not everybody gets to experience, it made me grow in many ways and realize alot of things. Now were living in a temporary place with awesome ppl in our age. We always have a great time

 Im very open about this because I know that there is other people struggling as well but it will eventually be okay. Just keep your head up and try to be positive and thankful no matter what situation youre in.
Be very careful with people, they can seem totally normal at first and then they suddenly turns into monsters. If you EVER just even ONCE get abused, physically or mentally GET THE FUCK OUT. Run away from that person and never stop. seek help for protection and youre never alone, there is always people who can help and you shouldnt be afraid to ask for help. its the only way. "If he does it once, Hell do it AGAIN, and again and AGAIN.
thats just how it is. dont let anybody own you, decide what to do or try to put you in a Burka.

Let me tell you about my horrible story in this subject of DOMESTIC VIOLENCE:

I lived in fear everyday, somethimes I woke up by a kick in my back in the middle of the night and then another punch, just because he had a dream (!!!) that I was flirting with other guys. He kept me up almost every night and tortured me asking the same questions over and over again and punched me in my stomach until I lost my breath

This is the same guy that I mentioned at the top. He was physically and mentally abusing me everyday because of his insanity and insecurity. Ive never been treated like that in my whole life, he usually strangled me until I really thoought I was going to die, several times I saw stars and got blackouts but then he woke me up by pouring Ice cold water on me while I was laying on the floor crying for help and for him to stop,. my mouth was bleeding and he kicked me, after spitting on my face several times. Imagen, a 23 year old girl (hes 33 years old)  in the stomach so hard like I was a man. he did that a lot because "It didnt leave any bruises' he said with a smile.

At the times when I was the most broken down he started filming me laying there crying and say stuff like " why are you such a disgusting little whore, pathethic."

When we went out walking on the street and a guy looked at me he called me a whore and explained how he was going to kill me when we got back to the house. Describing how he was going to cut me from ear to ear and cut off my tounge, pour acid on my face so nobody would ever look at me again and at my friends

Every night he kept me up beating me so much until I was crying and screaming of pain, until the neighbours came to save me, they knocked on the door saying " I know that youre beating the shit out of your girl and Ill call the cops!" then he chased them away with a knife and went back into the room to torture me. I felt so hopeless behind those walls. There was nothing I could do besides from crawling up in a corner with my suitcase and my cat and pray for him to stop hitting me.

Several times he drove me up to the hills or the desert to "kill me where nobody could hear me scream"

He even THREW MY CAT INTO THE WALL AND THREATENED TO KILL HIM . with a disgusting smile on his face ofc.

I tried to leave several times but he wouldnt let me and when I layed on the floor unable to breathe and bleeding he went straight to my clothes and jewelery and destroyed them and my computer.
He always took my phone and saved all my contact numbers and made me write reallly mean stuff to any guy friend that wrote to me. and when I refused then he destroyed my iPhone totally, smashed it in into pieces and pour water on it. Then after 2 weeks i begged him for a new one. He got me a new one but at the second day he destroyed that one too.

I couldnt wear makeup to school because then he thought I was making myself pretty for the guys in school that I was "flirting with" it was all in his fucked up head. I couldnt wear what I wanted because then I was a Whore. I lived in constant fear of saying something wrong to get him to explode, it was enoght by me saying the word Thailand and He got furious and beat the shit out of me.

He lied to all his girlfriends and cousin, saying that I was an escort! Which was not true at all and he called me WHORE, FAT and he always said that no one respect me and that even my girlfriends didnt want to have anything to do with me and all my guy friends just wanted to fuck me. He said I was worthless constantly, that all his friends called me a whore and a user and gave him tips that he should sell me like a whore and make money of me. because thats all I was "a whore" then somedays he begged me to have his kids and marry him....... DISGUSTING

He shifted from raging one moment and the next he was crying beating his own head with a shoe and then he went back to abusing me again,

I had so many bruises and people started question it and I had to cover myself up with long sleeves in the middle of the summer. He forbid me to talk and hang with anyone and he even got jealous of my girlfriends saying that they were lesbians and they wanted me.

one day I escaped with almost all of my stuff and me and Aloe had to sleep behind a KFC in an alley until a guy from my school helped me and gave me somewhere to stay for the night.
Now he is living in the luxury apartment in Palazzo that I PAYED FOR. WITH ALL OF MY FURNITURE.

this is just 10% of all the terrible things he did to me. Be careful with people, they seem normal at first but once they loose respect and think they can own you youre screwed. be especially careful with Persian PAPARAZZI stalker guys.

Love CC


  1. Vilket jävla svin! Hoppas du mår bra iaf!

    1. han ar ett riktigt monster. jag mar bra nu men kommer aldrig glomma de hemska sakerna han gjorde.

  2. Äckliga hor iranier! Han borde avlutas direkt!!!!!

    1. han kommer fa sitt, hans liv aer enda hemskt nog, 33 ar misslyckad paparazzi, fattig pedofil och knappt ngt hair pa huvet kvar haha. han kommer do ensam och miserabel

  3. Hemskt och höra Chloe varit med om en liknande situation , också Iranier :/
    Du var stark som lämnade honom och klarade dig. Mig tog de 2.5 år.
    Tänk framåt så går allt bra. Och på dig själv i första hand. /Hugs from sabina

    1. ush hemska ackliga ras!
      tack sa mycket sabina !

  4. Chloe it's Amir. Me and my friend rich stayed with you in LA two years ago. I hope you remember me. I'm sorry you went through what you did. Bobby has stolen $5000 from me and has vanished. Please get in touch with me as I want to find him. My email is ''
    Thanks x

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