Monday, October 28, 2013


I havent yet told you about the most fun experience I have had in LA or my life (besides the asia trip last year) it was the making of the movie CRAZY LOVE by Joel Yagual. I was one of the lead roles in this Horror movie where I get killed in the lake in the middle of the night we filmed it in BIG BEAR. (spoiler alert)

We had a couple of stuntmen and stuff to make sure we didnt get hurt and It was freezing!
havent got a copy of the movie yet but we went to Warner Brothers to see it on a big screen in the movie theaters, I laughed so hard. Loves it!!

cant wait to be in more movies, being on camera and act is the only thing that really makes me satisfied and happy

The lake scene

about to get stabbed

Prep time w Todd

Behind the scenes

Seeing my name on the big screen has been my dream since 13years old

Some of the amazing crev after watching the movie

Inbetween takes, going hiking w rattle snakes

"staci" and "jacob"

Big bear lake

Lol bodyheat

Its a wrap!!

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