Thursday, September 19, 2013


Even though Im occasionally sleeping on a couch and living in a suitcase at Kelly and Johannes crib and just left the most beautiful apt in Palazzo, I feel great, free and peaceful. Just got back from a fun acting class and Im stayin in with some cheap wine and olives tho I havent eaten all day, just not hungry YAY , Watching BLING RING.

When I say free I mean its like I just got out from 5 years in prison... it was a "relationship" that left a bad taste in my mouth but at the same time made me more independent and strong and I LOVE my life again!

Looking forward to a fun photoshoot in newport beach tomorrow

MY BEAUTIFUL ALOE IS ALWAYS BY MY SIDE.... litterally.... sleeping ON TOP of my head or around my neck every night BABYLOVE

Wednesday, September 18, 2013


So I bought my ex a new apartment in the beautiful Palazzo, and Im not living there anymore. how nice of me huh?

Dress is from TopShop and shoes from Steve Madden