Sunday, May 5, 2013


I have always wanted to do DMT/Ayahuasca but been to scared. after reading Danis blog I cant wait to try it. I read that there is ceremonys in LA somewhere.. I would much rather go to Peru and have the "real" experience from it but until I get to do that Id like to try it somewhere near here. No patience haha.
I have much untoched feelings and shit inside of me that I need to face and deal with so I can find peace. i really think this could help me find the meaning of my existence.

This is from Danis blog where her boyfriend gives an excellent explanation of the ayahuasca trip

"I also came to realize that Santo Daime creates the best possible environment physically and psychologically for the ceremony. The protectors and the attendees were extremely nice and sweet. I would love to explain the experience but its like trying to explain to a virgin how sex feels. I had some experience in the past with different things but having an out of body experience is still something very new and odd for me. When you drink the first serving in the ceremony, it takes about 5-10 mins for you to close your eyes and open your heart to see another universe.
 The sense of time shatters and disappears, hundred of thousands years of wisdom starts pouring in with an enormous speed, I think this is why a lot of people purge, it really is too much to handle sometimes, then the exterior intelligence..  You can connect with beings, some call them the Machine Elves, search for Terrence Mc Kenna, he was a brilliant man of social science and excelled in so many other fields.  As a result you know the connection between us every living thing in this world and the universe is stronger then you could possible imagine , it is also soothing and calming, you know , you feel that it is ok and you are indeed here for a reason, it is all good and universe has a special plan for you.
I always seem to view the power of manifestation. This is something I should definitely apply more in to my daily life, meditate everyday and manifest the right ideas. You meet with the loved ones from your past, your past lives and your current life and time, you connect with them , you share the love.. For me its always so much love, in the purest form, that shows you that you are made from love and here in this world to love and share.
 You will experience so many beautiful visions, and this is where you run out of words. 3d over 3d over 3d so many angles, so much depth and colors all at once, nothing that can explain. Maybe looking at the fireworks through a 3d kaleidoscope, but you are in it and your inside it, living it. Meanwhile the Santo Daime songs are playing- Beautiful songs as prayers in portuguese starts to fill out your ears along with the melodies of the acoustic guitar and all of a sudden there is a shift of focus and snap you just come back in to your body.
 You slowly open your eyes and yes, you are there, as a person, you are fine. You want to go back right away but you wait, sings a few songs then the line starts, from the most experienced to new comers attendees line up and the protector serves you what he sees you fit for, then you go back to sit down and your eyes are closing once again.. Is it the awakening dream or the reality that is awakening from your day to day dreams? It is still a mystery to me as to others but i will continue till I find out."

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