Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Think about this, Life is short, you will never be as young as you are right this moment Right?

yeah, then WHY do we keep doing things we dont like? Complaining about it but still we gonna do it again.
People may say "That's life"  but they are WRONG that is NOT life. Life should be all about having fun, being happy and do things you love. If all people were living like that, there would be no anxiety, stress, eatingdisorders, etc etc.

I bet you have heard someone saying "you cant always have fun" .. YES YOU CAN.

Stop doing shit you dont like, live your dream and do whatever you feel like whenever you feel like it.

I always say and do whatever I feel like whenever I feel like it, Im not scared, it doesnt matter in the long run anyways, its all about the now. THIS MOMENT, how do you feel?
Unfortunately there is some stuff that I still must do even though I hate it but those things are really necessary but only for a short period. Im working on it.

Another thing, stop saying NO and say more YES.. I guarantee that it will make your life more worth living. Stop minding other peoples business!!

Make shit happen, wanna go on a trip? buy a new car? DO IT. never say u cannot do something because of money for example. Just work harder, nothing can stop you if you really want it. 

Tired of people saying I cannot do this or that, I cant stand it.

get on it -

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