Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Think about this, Life is short, you will never be as young as you are right this moment Right?

yeah, then WHY do we keep doing things we dont like? Complaining about it but still we gonna do it again.
People may say "That's life"  but they are WRONG that is NOT life. Life should be all about having fun, being happy and do things you love. If all people were living like that, there would be no anxiety, stress, eatingdisorders, etc etc.

I bet you have heard someone saying "you cant always have fun" .. YES YOU CAN.

Stop doing shit you dont like, live your dream and do whatever you feel like whenever you feel like it.

I always say and do whatever I feel like whenever I feel like it, Im not scared, it doesnt matter in the long run anyways, its all about the now. THIS MOMENT, how do you feel?
Unfortunately there is some stuff that I still must do even though I hate it but those things are really necessary but only for a short period. Im working on it.

Another thing, stop saying NO and say more YES.. I guarantee that it will make your life more worth living. Stop minding other peoples business!!

Make shit happen, wanna go on a trip? buy a new car? DO IT. never say u cannot do something because of money for example. Just work harder, nothing can stop you if you really want it. 

Tired of people saying I cannot do this or that, I cant stand it.

get on it -

Tuesday, March 26, 2013


View from Hotel

On stage with Showtek Lol

Okay lemme tell you about the crazy ass weekend! Last thursday I went up at 5am to the airport and got on my flight to Miami BITCH haha, I went straight to Sanne and Saras hotell on south beach.

Me and Sanne decided to go out, jus a chill night at a bar or something and we did... but then not. HAHA U know the rest
laughed all day after, strong Thailand vibes! We got kicked out from the room since we only did 1 night there so we were homeless cuz all hotels were fully booked. still drunk and phucked up we got some outfits in the rain for Ultra. Then we had to get ready in a batroom somewhere and then straight to the festival which was awesome 300 000 ppl.
Kelly had accidentally booked her flight the wrong day so she had to get on a later flight to us. 

Crazy night I cant tell u about, friday we got a room in downtown right across the street from Ultra.

Saturday I didnt have too much fun at the festival, danced my ass off to sub focus and had no energy left for Deadmau5 so I went up to the room instead HAHA so stupid, was soo excited to see him but whatever.

Sunday - the best day btw. hanging out by the pool all day and then I got ready and went out on the street and sold my ticket for one day 270$ catching!

              took a cab to south beach and met up a friend who took me to a poolparty where SHOWTEK was playing!!! I mean what are the odds!? Showtek brought me up on stage and I had so much fun and then i ran and jumped in the pool with everything on, Found some ppl that drove me home, met up Sanne, she bought 2 sandwiches and we had a food fight. And handed out ham to everybody on the street that had been to ultra. HAHA   slept like 4 hours, brought a cupcake from the hotel breakfast, was looking all over for it in the cab to find out later that I was actually sitting on it the whole time LMAO. and then took the flight back home to LA with my Broken shoes.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013


I cant beleive that Ill be here in 2 days! Going to Miami on thursday morning to meet up Sanne and Sara and then on friday, sat and sunday were going to Ultra. Im sooo excited for this, I need to get away from some of the everyday drama here in LA. Some people is really too much and everyone is insane :D me too! haha


Make sure to watch this clip that I filmed! looks rly cool

A couple of days ago me Sanne, Kelly and Sara took the car to san bernandino (?) To Beyond Wonderland, SO much amazing people and a really nice location with the mountains in the background. Had a blast and danced all night until 2 when me and sanne went back to the car we had no keys and we had to sit out and wait for the others for like 2 hours

in a mini dress only IT WAS SO COLD! I crawled in the back of a trunk hahaah.

Thursday, March 14, 2013


Went to Avalon for LA fashion week the other day and the first thing I see when I walk in is Rick Genest on the stage. Nearly died from a stroke. The hottest man alive! It made my day

forgot my damn camera so Its just iphone pics.


By being around slow and less intelligent (stupid) people alot Ive kinda been forced to develop strong leader skills. Which is good, ocf! Im very thankful

Sunday, March 10, 2013


I feel so wierd, sometimes when I walk on the streets and see a homeless person I start crying, it doesnt matter what im doing but its mostly when Im alone. Cant help it, I feel so bad for them and the tears just start running.

Not everytime though, sometimes I get rly mad at them instead. I guess its about the vibe they send out. Some faces look so kind and sad that it touches your heart a little.

Friday, March 8, 2013


Yesterday was the Galpin F type Jaguar launch party, had a great time.!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013


guess what? Ive got a new laptop yesterday, havent had my own one since 6 months! Ive been pretty busy lately as usual but today I had half a day to do whatever I wanted, Kinda. So i went to the gym.