Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Baby, you're my Bugsy Malone and I'm your suicide blonde,
So tonight are you gonna be my soldier?
Are we gonna be Bonnie and Clyde?
It's either live or die, boy, it's either live or die

Elvis is my daddy, Marilyn’s my mother,
Jesus is my bestest friend.
We don’t need nobody 'cause we got each other

We gonna go far,
I can already taste it kid,
LA's gonna look real good,
Drive me in your car until the sky gets big,
Never let me go.

I know what they say about you,
I know that they think you’re crazy,
I know that they are mistaken, baby, baby

I don't know how you convince them and get them, but
I don't know what you do, it's unbelievable
And I don't know how you get over, get over
Someone as dangerous, tainted and flawed as you
You're screwed up and brilliant,
Look like a million dollar man,

I'd follow you down down down,
You're unbelievable

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