Monday, December 3, 2012


I had the silliest fight with my male friend today, he basically said that he was hotter than me and I walked away and he came after me then he said again "well its jus the truth! Iam very hot."
then I said "actually, youre not that pretty."
He got so mad he threw his ice coffee in the ground and skated away screaming FUCK YOOOU!

then I received hundreds of texts from him explaining how great he looked and how stupid etc etc I was. the funniest text of em all was this one:

"I have made money and had top designers let me know
2500 dollars show. who are you to say that shit
I just dont try so fucking hard"

We became friends again after some mean word throwing but isnt that the most stupid fight ever!? 
only in LA can u have someone kill you for calling them ugly

We should arrange catfights with girls, fighting to death over whos the prettiest 

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