Sunday, November 25, 2012


I was amazed several times today by -the law of attraction-. I was thinking about a certain person to contact me by mail and 2 seconds later, the mail came. Then I had another unfinished business about a thing with another person I havent heard from in 1 week and It came to me in 1 sec. Then I was worried sick about this other thing but once I changed my thoughts about it, it immediately sorted itself out.

Stuff like this happen to me so often now that its becoming more and more clear how this and the mind works and how powerful it is. I sometimes think back on everything ive got trough this...Then I realize that ive actually got EVERYTHING ive wished for... its the greatest feeling in the world and Its such a relief to know.

-ITS ALL IN YOUR HEAD. You can even THINK (visualize) yourself attractive aswell as anything else you wanna be. Its always, always, working. All you have to do is Believe and KNOW that it will happen. Know it and feel it. Feel the feeling you will feel once it arrives.

I cannot tell you enough how important it is to never doubt yourself. Nothing is impossible unless you believe it is.

start now and feel~ be free and live your dream.
remember that you never have to do anything you do not want to do and NO ONE can tell you what you what to do or who you are. Life isnt supposed to be hard.
 you can do and become WHAT EVER YOU WISH.

sorry the words are a little messy i just wrote it as it came out in my head.:)


  1. WOW you're deeper than I would think Chloe

  2. Happens to many people (including me). Is proof that the spirit (consciousness) is beyond space / time (from another dimension or universe).