Friday, November 2, 2012


Whhuppps rusty pipes!

I have no idea why my tongue turned purple all the sudden :SS

Lemme just say, if u havent celebrated Halloween in LA you dont know halloween haha
It was a trip! fucking 500 000 dressed out ppl walking around. There was no cellphone connection, no internet and IMPOSSIBLE to get a cab. And most streets were blocked by like hundreds of cops on horses, reminded me of lord of the rings before they went to war, the army with horses I mean :)

And for those who not get it, its fakeblood in my nose. HAHA everybody got so chocked, amazing.

On the way home we got some food at a place called poo or something and this is what nille got... delicious! "det ser ut som en gammal kupong"
"nej det är savedras konkelbär!"

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