Saturday, November 24, 2012


somebody asked me about my hair and ill tell u all about it.

When I came to La i was a readhead with new keratin extensions. After a week I felt like going blonde again and my extensions were a total mess after just 2 weeks! I bought them from or something. NOT GOOD AT ALL! So I took them out myself and then I did highlights and became blonde over a night. (people told me it would take a month)

I got new karatin wax extensions from here in LA, from a store called Hair. Its the best hair Ive ever had and I have had ALOT. I understand now why it was so expensive. For you who dont live in LA, u can buy it online here
its really the best hair ever, I swear. Ive had it for like 2 months and its still so soft and shiny. like real hair!

Then, just to put it in was 600$ which I think is bullshit cuz I usually only pay like 50$ soo, I did it myself! bought a thing to melt it with and did it. Took around 5 hours and it was hard! with no help at all.

then I also cut it myself.

so, Im simply the best hairdresser out there  ;D