Thursday, November 29, 2012


The other day I went to a screening of a movie called Behaving badly and it was seriously one of the worst movies Ive seen! horrible actors and actresses and just really messy story I didnt even pay attention haha.

Yesterday me and Andrew went to the hospital cuz I have got a kidney infection and it hurts like nothing else, I got antibiotics and stuff..

Now Im laying at home, im in way too much pain to be in school so Im just answering emails from people who wants to move in with us :) its soo much fun , were gonna have some kind of auditions here to make sure that we dont let the wrong people move in with us again. The other ones are going to move out before Xmas and im soo excited.

Dope robe and socks huh?

Monday, November 26, 2012


Today I went hiking with Ash and after that me kelly johanne and Andrew went to the Hollywood sign to take some pics for Kellys photo project. Sällan?

Now im home and bored. Should study my lines for my acting scene on thursday

Sunday, November 25, 2012


Right now im writing down ideas for sketches that Im going to do! I have soo many brilliant plans! Heres some inspiration pics for you

Halo Hair for Baglencia

Love this hair!

feel free to sweep me off to here whenever!

Beautiful Moss <3


I was amazed several times today by -the law of attraction-. I was thinking about a certain person to contact me by mail and 2 seconds later, the mail came. Then I had another unfinished business about a thing with another person I havent heard from in 1 week and It came to me in 1 sec. Then I was worried sick about this other thing but once I changed my thoughts about it, it immediately sorted itself out.

Stuff like this happen to me so often now that its becoming more and more clear how this and the mind works and how powerful it is. I sometimes think back on everything ive got trough this...Then I realize that ive actually got EVERYTHING ive wished for... its the greatest feeling in the world and Its such a relief to know.

-ITS ALL IN YOUR HEAD. You can even THINK (visualize) yourself attractive aswell as anything else you wanna be. Its always, always, working. All you have to do is Believe and KNOW that it will happen. Know it and feel it. Feel the feeling you will feel once it arrives.

I cannot tell you enough how important it is to never doubt yourself. Nothing is impossible unless you believe it is.

start now and feel~ be free and live your dream.
remember that you never have to do anything you do not want to do and NO ONE can tell you what you what to do or who you are. Life isnt supposed to be hard.
 you can do and become WHAT EVER YOU WISH.

sorry the words are a little messy i just wrote it as it came out in my head.:)


yellow helium balloon

All from Melrose/fairfax tradingpost Hell yes

Saturday, November 24, 2012


somebody asked me about my hair and ill tell u all about it.

When I came to La i was a readhead with new keratin extensions. After a week I felt like going blonde again and my extensions were a total mess after just 2 weeks! I bought them from or something. NOT GOOD AT ALL! So I took them out myself and then I did highlights and became blonde over a night. (people told me it would take a month)

I got new karatin wax extensions from here in LA, from a store called Hair. Its the best hair Ive ever had and I have had ALOT. I understand now why it was so expensive. For you who dont live in LA, u can buy it online here
its really the best hair ever, I swear. Ive had it for like 2 months and its still so soft and shiny. like real hair!

Then, just to put it in was 600$ which I think is bullshit cuz I usually only pay like 50$ soo, I did it myself! bought a thing to melt it with and did it. Took around 5 hours and it was hard! with no help at all.

then I also cut it myself.

so, Im simply the best hairdresser out there  ;D


Oh hi!
another day of taking pics for Kellys photo project.

Did my roots today FINALLY :)


Rich ass hobos

Thursday, November 22, 2012


My favourite apps!
  • Catwang . put a cathead on it!
  • Camwow . everybody knows what that is im sure 
  • Draw Something . When im extremely bored and feel creative
  • Instaeffect . with effects like the one on the pic above
  • Instagram . Dont forget to follow me! @ChloeeCole
  • Viber
  • Pic stitch . when u got too many options!


Ive seen twilight breaking dawn part 2, 2 times this week at the movies. it was THAT good.

what else.., hmm feeding the squirrels.

trading post at fairfax, got some pretty cool stuff that ill show u

and... shhii i dont remember haha. I need to update more often...


Kelly have another photo project. Essay in pictures with Hollywood theme