Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Funny story,  today after class i was waiting for my ride home which never happened. Then from nowhere a guy came up and asked if I wanted a ride on his motorcycle and Im not the one to say no to stuff like that haha. He only had one helmet though and I got it, we went pass the bus station and I feelt so good to not have to get on the bus..
50 meters later we heard sirens and the cops pulled us over and he didnt had his license so he got a ticet and I still had to take the bus..

half way home on the bus I got off cuz it took forever!! I stood by the street and waited, then Kelly, carl philip and some others picked me up and took us home. Geez.. the whole thing took like more than 3 hours

 ((Pics from Kellys photo project))

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