Thursday, September 13, 2012


When u move somewhere like this, to a whole new place where u dont know a soul and nobody know you. Nothing matter what you were before, its all about who you are right here right now this moment and you'r technically a nobody. You have to establish and reinvent yourself . good thing is you can now choose to be whoever the fuck you want to. Hard thing is to not fall in the same pattern as you used to be in so its important to always think and act in a new way, you shouldnt loose your true self in this process though! I think that is what people do here, ya know about the saying that L.A changes you. It defenitely does. or in my case, brings out the real me. People understand me here, things I know I could discuss instead of getting a wierd look from someone when sayin something they dont know about.
I love how aware and open people are in this town, about everything that is interesting to me.

lämnar detta på engelska eftersom det känns mer passande och går inte riktigt att framföra på samma sätt i svenska.:)

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