Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Took me this whole day, until now to get my shit together. Got an inspiring idea and a now I can feel like there is hope again haha. When I find something that I like, could be a movie, song, person whatever. I become creative and getting all these ideas and feel happy and excited.  Until I find something else and I let go of the previous obsession, not completely but still.
I think Im depressed when I do not have anything that inspires me. Its all that keeps me going, felt empty all day just sat and stared into the wall.
I just saw this clip/person and that changed my mood immediately haha!

hm.. forgot what I was going to do in here more than write this yADA YADA

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  1. kan du inte först skriva på svenska sen översätta till engelska som Det blir så opersonligt att läsa på engelska. Känns som en random person typ. Tror det hade uppskattats :)