Monday, September 3, 2012


Im not sick anymore! I have made some other people sick though and I feel rly bad for that :( Its crazy how easy it is to get the flu from someone else.
Yesterday me and Kelly got invited to white party at Skybar and I forgot my camera!!!! Or I would have taken some pictures for you guys. Irritating! When they closed we went to Berris and had some food, pasta, pizza and sallad haha SO GOOD!

On the wall in the restaurant some motion pictures were playing and I kinda fell in love. It was so beautiful and arty so I just had to look it up. I found it today, some clips on youtube and it is apparently from 2005 so maybe im just late but for you who did not know about this or havent seen it, its a film called Ashes and Snow by Gregory Colbert.

Its showing beautiful, poetic interactions between humans and animals in sepia. The whole movie is 60 mins and this is just some clips from it.

It REALLY moves me in a positive way. I feel like life have so much beauty to offer to those who open their eyes and minds. You suddenly realize that there is soo much more..... I Love this.
I want to make films like these

I recomend that you go on youtube and watch it fullscreen

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