Friday, August 31, 2012


Great day! First of all I went down to the gym Yeey then I walked in my heels to melrose (its a really loong way but I didnt know that) Anyway I met up Andrew at Stir Crazy. We ended up at my place and got the brilliant idea of going on the roof. We went out without any keys and got locked out haha  I never saw that coming!

called lockup service and got in at last.
Then I went to dinner at Katana which is a really nice Sushi place, the food was beyond! At one point I felt someone looking at me and there I see Jesse Metcalfe sitting right next to us. I died a little..

After thaat and many drinks we went to Skybar and got some more drinks. Really like that place also.
Funny how the night ended, my friend went in to 7 eleven and bought me this: hahaha

 Never drinking tap water again ew. didnt know just how dirty it was!

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