Friday, August 31, 2012


Went to Trader Joes today. Thank god we had a car to go back with all this along with the tv that Samira bought. I can feel were getting there! Our couch arrived like two days ago also sooo soooon its time for the great move in party Yeah!


Yesterday I had my first acting class. It was sooo good and I really like the teacher! stern, stern but fair hah and everybody was really wierd typical actors, actresses. Some of em were crazy good.
 Love it.
 I fit right in ;)


Great day! First of all I went down to the gym Yeey then I walked in my heels to melrose (its a really loong way but I didnt know that) Anyway I met up Andrew at Stir Crazy. We ended up at my place and got the brilliant idea of going on the roof. We went out without any keys and got locked out haha  I never saw that coming!

called lockup service and got in at last.
Then I went to dinner at Katana which is a really nice Sushi place, the food was beyond! At one point I felt someone looking at me and there I see Jesse Metcalfe sitting right next to us. I died a little..

After thaat and many drinks we went to Skybar and got some more drinks. Really like that place also.
Funny how the night ended, my friend went in to 7 eleven and bought me this: hahaha

 Never drinking tap water again ew. didnt know just how dirty it was!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

So, I should get to sleep since im getting up in 4 hours to school but I just gotta tell ya I just had the most awesome day and night. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE and LOVE L.A. from the deepest point of my heart haha
well g'nite beautiful nightmares!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012


I just made a new header, you like it?
Please give me some feedback ;) U never do..

Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Its very convenient that we have a grocery store of every kind right next to us! My favorite is Whole Foods which is only organic food. They have it all.
  Organic food rules L.A;) since everyone here is very healthy and cares about their appearance. It makes you feel a little dirty to eat something thats not good for your body. At least I do!

Soo I try to eat as good as possible and work out. We have our own gym so theres no excuses haha but I really dont like working out. Once Im down at the gym all I can think of is how boring and unnecessary it is. (I know its not unnecessary) But I dont think in the long run. I have no patience, if I dont see results immediately I get bored and think its not worth it haha. So stupid!


Michael Kors bag I bought a couple of weeks ago.
And im blonde again

Todays outfit, or it wasnt from the start but I had nothing to do during my 3 hour break so I went down to 3st promenade i Santa Monica. I LOVE LOVE the stores there. Ill bring my camera one day so I can show you exactely what I mean. Anyhow, bought some much needed stuff and new sunnies.


7am got sunshine in my tired eyes as im standing by the mirror drinking my Coffee W soy milk. Everybody is asleep. Thinking to myself that It wasnt actually that bad waking u this early, I kind of enyoing morningtime on my own and it does not feel or show that I barely slept 4 hours tonight.
Well, Art HIS is coming up next -

Sunday, August 26, 2012


My current obsessions 
Dermalogica cleansing gel, Idealist Even Skintone Illuminator - Estee Lauder, Carmex, Clear eyes 

not so sure about the Estee Lauder though, havent seen any results from it yet but I have only been using it for a couple of weeks. Ill let you know.


yesterdays dinner haha


Just look at my shoes hahah, grabbed them from the beach after I lost my own. one is like 10 sizes to big and the other one too small. Natalie and me laughed our asses of when we discovered this. I actually wore them for a long time after this HAHA

I just found these pics from thailand hahah I miss it so much and especially here in LA because a lot of things here reminds you of it, hard to believe right? even some smells are exactly the same as in thai which makes u miss it even more!! 


I know my blog is totally lame right now, and it shouldnt be cuz I have soo much to tell and show you but its difficult to find time to do that and I never take any pictures :( I promise that I will do better from now on!
Yesterday we hang out by the pool on Roosevelt and then we went shopping, (again) Then we went back for pre game at Roosevelt with some peeps and theen we went to Graystone which lead us to an afterparty somewhere I dont remember ha ha
Awesome day!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Home again after another day just driving around getting stuff for our apartment. Got ourselves a very good deal on our new beds, got the price down like 40%, free delivery, free box thing and frame, NO tax AND we got the deliveryboys to take our old beds back to IKEA and wrap them in plastic for us. Sick :D

thats how you work it peeps!

Sunday, August 19, 2012


Me and Kelly just discorvered, after almost 2 weeks in our apartment that we have a dishwasher..(!!!).  its been there the whole time, ive looked at it several times but havent react. Im kinda scared of myself now!

it could have saved us all the fights we have gotten into because of me not doing the dishes haha!

Its almost like when I walked home from a party last week and forgot my shoes.. Where is my mind?!

Saturday, August 18, 2012



Time goes slow here but days go fast.. Did that just made any sense to you? hope so.
 Tonight were going out and I hope it makes up for last night cuz we MISSED Mickey Avalon at The Viper room. well, well get another chance im sure

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Heres some pics from yesterday, me kelly and Andrew went out in WeHo... We just ended up in all the gaybars for some reason and that was fun at first but then not so much. We lost Kellys phone wich is our only phone right now since I havent gotten anyone yet ha ha
long story short, It was a very very wierd night. Im confused haha

Monday, August 13, 2012


So.. today was totally chill. We just layed by the pool and then on the island in our kitchen. Im planning to take my drivers license this week, U see that small little thing on the left,? Yeh thats all there is to read. its kinda ridiculous how easy it is compare to Sweden..


My new JC beauties! have been wanting them for a while now and finally I could buy them in a store 4 mins from my home hehe

Saturday, August 11, 2012


Efter våra sängar arrivat. Lycklig Chloe

West Hollywood

Från vårt vardagsrum

Dagens shopping

Oh my beloved Diet Snapple!


Första veckan var ett härligt kaos, pretty much! vi bodde på hotell de första dagarna och sedan hade kelly bokat ett "jeddebra hotell en liten bit bort bara!" Nej det första taxichaffisen sa var "you going to downtown LA?! very bad hood, very bad................!"
Vi kliver alltså sedan av mitt i ghettot. och upp på rummet som förövrigt var det skabbigaste jag skådat sedan bali.
Men jag älskar ghetton så det var endå sweet. 3 härliga nätter framför oss hade vi på detta härbäge. Det var kul, det händer alltid något där. Så mycket inspiration. Ville bara plocka upp kameran och ta bilder på allt från grafitti till episka hobos.
Det blev inte en enda bild.

Kort och gott, så hittade vi några dudes vi kunde stanna hos i Santa Monica efter detta och sedan några andra. dagarna imellan var vi uppe och sprang runt i hela LA från 8am till 1 på natten då vi kom hem efter att ha tittat på lägenheter runt om i stan.
Taxin var vår bästa vän dessa dagarna men de dagarna vi tog bussen (!!) vart vi oftast så lost att busschaufören fick köra oss hela vägen till vårt hotell med bussen när den blev tom.

Bästa var nog när vi tittade på en som låg mitt i själva gay-gatan i WeHo. och han som hade stället trodde garanterat att jag och kelly vart gay vi med , det kom vi på efteråt. vek oss av skratt när vi tänkte på sakerna vi sagt och att det verkligen passade in "ja vill egentligen bo i en upper men hon ville så gärna ha pool så vi kollade på detta stället!"

Träffade på T.I en dag i Santa monica. (Ayla hade blivit jealous nu vet jag, hon älskade han:)

SEN en dag träffade vi Bonnie på Park La brea , skrev kontrakt och nu sitter vi här i vår sjukt underbara 3a på tionde våningen med utsikt över hollywood. Det var bara lite av det som hände den första veckan och hur det nu har blivit.

Nu kommer det bli mer updates från dag till dag. Svårt att ta sig tid att sätta sig vid datan och klicka när det finns så mycket att göra hela tiden, folk att träffa, vägar att korsa och öden att gå till mötes ;)


Var ska man börja nu då? funderar först och främst på att skriva på engelska eftersom alla svenskar förstår det men ingen förstår svenska förutom svenskar, gör detta inlägget på svenska iallafall.

Avskedsfesten i helsingborg var superlyckad! Är verkligen så glad för alla som kom dit! bara de bästa. blev iaf rejält dyngrak framåt slutet och tyvärr så sviker minnet där.. CLASSY! Grät en hel flod av tårar när jag insåg hur mycket jag skulle sakna alla mina babylurvees!
Sen blev det ljust och vi råkade låsa inne alla våra saker i lokalen så vi fick vandra hem, sov en timme sedan vart vi tvungna att åka dit igen och städa.

Sen vart det bara att packa hela dagen, nej jag skoja. Packade mina 2 resväskor ca 3 timmar innan flyget skulle gå haha. Bästaste Sanne och Natalie tog sig upp mitt i natten och åkte med till knutpunkten och sa hejdå <3 finaa älskos!

Flyget gick bra, ingen dog osv, mellanlandade i New York. Flyget blev 2 timmar försenat. Men sen... på planet när jag vaknade till av att de sa vi snart var framme och jag tittade ut genom fönstret

det var helt magiskt! vilken energi staden och ljusen utstrålade, redan då blev jag kär!